No jets or over 20kg models. Arrival from 10am. Anyone wishing to attend must be registered for the site at least 1 week in advance.

Please email, name, address, car registration number and BMFA number to or use the following form.

Site Rules and Incident Form

Site rules and incident form can be found in the following document.

BMFA Dishforth 2015 Incident Form

Registered Flyers

The following is the current list of flyers registered to fly at Dishforth.

T. Ackroyd
D. Allerdyce
A. Barron
C. Bish
P. Blakeborough
M. Boulton
B. Brown
K. Buckham
J. Carby-Hall
P. Clark
N. Cooper
P. Crawshaw
A. Crosby
P. Davis
R. Day
P. Evans
P. Farnell
J. Fontana
E. Galloway
S. Garrity
I. Hale
J. Hindle
G. Hogg
A. Hornby
B. Hurst
M. Inkester
I. Jones
A. Josephs
S. Josephs
G. Keegan
S. Kendall
P. Kent
A. Muir
D. Muir
J. Orr
A. Paraskos
D. Pitt
R. Pretorious
B. Rawcliffe
P. Shipman
C. Stephenson
S. Stringer
D. Walker
C. Wilkinson
J. Wilkinson
P. Willis
S. Wilson
T. Woodhouse
L. Woods